The most beautiful trulli in Puglia

the most beautiful trulli in Puglia Tre Gioie

The best thing about Puglia is its culture. The culture that goes back hundreds of years. As you explore Puglia, you will come across more and more elements of Pugliese history. Thus, you will also pass by the trulli. Founded in the 15th century, the trulli are originally agrarian houses; farmers created them by piling […]

What to do in Matera – Tips from an insider

what do to in Matera - restaurants

When you travel to Puglia, Matera has to be on your must-visit list. We will tell you what to do in Matera and share with you the best Matera tips from an insider. There is one city near Puglia that is completely carved out of stone. It’s called Matera: one of the oldest inhabited cities […]

A guide to Ostuni: where to eat, shop and stay

what to do in ostuni tre gioie

Planning a trip to Puglia? You should put Ostuni on your must-visit list! This beautiful city has it all: very good restaurants, a beautiful historical centre, Saturday and Sunday markets and so much more. This guide will help you find all these wonderful parts of Ostuni. You can easily fill a whole day in Ostuni. […]

Unique souvenirs from Puglia

olive oil extra virgin

The end of a vacation means souvenir shopping in Puglia you will encounter a lot of them. Handmade small Trulli, wine or fresh orecchiette (yes this one should be on your list), but sometimes you want something a little more unique. Something that really deserves a place in your interior. We selected the most beautiful […]

Beautiful luxury hotels in Puglia

beautiful luxury places in Puglia

A visit to Puglia does not feel the same without the right place to stay. A beautiful place to come back to after discovering the historical cities, the blue waters and the amazing food, is a must. Already dreaming of a swimming pool, Spa and the most important thing: a really good authentic kitchen? these […]

Beautiful beaches in Puglia

Puglia really has everything. Amazing food, stunning olive fields, inspiring cities and one of our favourite things: a dreamy coast. Both the west and east coasts of Puglia have beautiful beaches. If you like fine sandy beaches with nice beach clubs you are going to enjoy the west coast the most. For adventurous beaches with […]

The best authentic restaurants in Lecce

Lecce is for sure in our top 5 favourite places in Puglia. The city has a beautiful historical centre, unique stores, kind people and most importantly, some very good restaurants. We have listed them here for you so you don’t have to ask the locals where to eat. The insider’s guide to the best restaurants […]

Tre Gioie’s bag collection: an ode to female Apulian craftsmanship


Tre Gioie launches a handmade bag collection from Puglia made by one of the few women who still practice the traditional art of manual weaving. This art is an important part of Apulian history and dates back to 1880. Now there are not a lot of women left who dedicate themselves to this art. By […]

The best authentic restaurants in Ostuni

where to eat in ostuni tre gioie

We know you are going to Puglia for the food so we might as well help you a little bit with that experience. We have listed the best authentic restaurants in Ostuni so that you can just take a seat, order a good wine and enjoy the very best of Puglia. So add this blog […]

Christmas markets in Puglia

christmas markets in Puglia

Christmas Markets in Puglia There are a lot of beautiful Christmas Markets in Puglia that will get you into the Christmas spirit. From a Christmas village with 30 small houses in Bari to the atmospherically lit streets in Locorotondo, there is a lot to see in the main cities of the south. Enjoy the Christmas […]