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Our story

Apulian craftsmanship

Tre Gioie was founded to honour traditional arts in Puglia. We work with local craftsmen and women and together we create unique and important collections. The arts that we work with are slowly starting to disappear due to mass production and with our collections, we make our contribution in preserving these arts. 


By preserving traditional arts in Puglia, we protect a piece of history. Without craftsmanship, we lose traditions and creativity, which is one of the most important elements of our culture.


Our goal is to preserve the arts in Puglia. You can only do this by putting the artists first and making sure they are part of a sustainable and fair collaboration so that it remains interesting for them to practice these arts.


Our products are made by a combination of handwork and traditional machinery. This combination creates authentic products of the highest quality made with a lot of attention to detail.

Founded out of pride

Tre Gioie dalla Puglia was founded by Marcella Cazzato together with her mother. Because of her Apulian background, she feels a great pride and responsibility to preserve the arts from her favourite place in the world. Her grandmother Anna used to be one of the women who wove the baskets and bags that are now an important part of Tre Gioie’s collection. Because of her background in fashion she clearly sees how timeless and special the traditional arts of Puglia are, and how well this authentic style fits into today’s times.

Living slow, the Apulian way

This Italian attitude about life focusses on pure living. There are no big secrets behind this lifestyle. It is simply about enjoying every little moment in life. The times that people come together to share meals are the most valuable. Everyone comes together in the kitchen where you have spent the afternoon creating wonderful dishes for your loved ones and then finally you all gather around the table to enjoy them and share the stories that the day has brought. This way of life and the attention to quality, detail and passion is what we are trying to bring into your home with Tre Gioie, one product at the time. 

Our linen collection

Our linen products are made in southern Puglia with traditional 1940s weaving machines. these machines make only 40 metres a day and weave fabrics of the very highest quality. The owners of this factory work with so much love and passion for their product and this is reflected in our collection. The designs are inspired by southern Italian history but at the same time fit very well with our times. The great quality and timeless designs allow you to enjoy Tre Gioie’s products for a lifetime.

An Ode to female Apulian craftsmanship

Our bag and basket collection is made by the few women that are left who still practice the art of manual weaving. This art is an important part of Apulian history and dates back to 1880 when women started making baskets to store olives and cheese.
Unfortunately, these baskets were replaced by plastic ones, causing this whole industry to disappear. Now there are not a lot of women left who dedicate themselves to this art. By launching a collection of unique handmade bags and baskets, Tre Gioie strives to prevent this industry from disappearance.

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