These are the 10 most beautiful affordable hotels in Puglia

Puglia has so much beauty and authenticity that has not gone unnoticed in recent years. Due to its popularity, Puglia has become home to several luxury hotels. These beautiful places are in the spotlight and have become a part of the Apulian dream for many of us. All these beautiful accommodations are of course totally deserving of this attention, but we must not forget Puglia’s true meaning. The beauty of the south lies in its simplicity. No grand luxury but modesty with hidden gems. Places where everyone can enjoy the obvious and sometimes hidden beauty of the south. These are the most beautiful affordable hotels in Puglia.

Borgo Valle Rita – Ginosa

Borgo Valle Rita is a county resort located in Ginosa, close to Tarente and also the extraordinary Matera in Basilicata. This unique accommodation has all the facilities and beauty you would expect from a luxury resort but at an affordable price. For around €80 a night (depending on the season), you can enjoy a beautiful suite with a bathroom. And for a little more, you can stay in a romantic apartment or even Vila. Borgo Valle Rita is what they call a hidden gem. With a panoramic swimming pool, tennis court and several fine terraces, you have all the facilities to completely unwind and enjoy northern Puglia.

Vittorio Emanuele Suites – Monopoli

Out of season, the suites at Vittorio Emanuele in Monopoli are surprisingly affordable. In March, you can enjoy the luxurious hot tub with stunning views for less than €100 a night. The hotel has special authentic stone rooms with high ceilings and natural soothing tones. At 600 metres from the beach and within walking distance of all the city’s beauty, you can experience a very special overnight stay here.

Casa Galateo 20 – Gallipoli

Casa Galateo 20 in Gallipoli is located along the Ionian Sea. The building has beautiful high ceilings and has been renovated with the design of traditional Salento houses in mind. At Casa Galateo you will find special hidden corners, courtyards and balconies where you can have a quiet retreat. This B&B is the perfect affordable base for exploring the traditional port town.

Oltre gli Ulivi – Ostuni

At Oltre gli Ulivi, you find yourself in a cozy corner amidst sprawling olive groves, offering an affordable escape that feels both personal and secluded. The mix of rustic charm and contemporary comforts in the rooms instantly welcomes you, striking the perfect chord between simplicity and indulgence. This place becomes a personal retreat, a gentle reminder of the beauty in quiet moments and the serenity of nature, all without stretching your budget.

Don Alfonso Dimora D’Epoca – Racale

Don Alfonso Dimora D’Epoca is located in Racale, a southern village below Gallipoli. In this part of Puglia, Salento, you can experience the most authentic Pugliese life. At don Alfonso you will find a luxury feel in every corner. The rooms are minimalist and decorated with a traditional element here and there. And on the rooftop, you will find a beautiful terrace with even a small pool.

Palazzo Garibaldi – Galatina

Palazzo Garibaldi is located in the heart of Galatina’s historic centre, overlooking Piazza San Pietro and the cathedral and also the Chapel of St Paul. The Palazzo has 5 beautiful suites. The style of the rooms is minimal and contemporary, with a preference for Italian designers and tones of Apulian tradition. Each room is equipped with large and comfortable spaces. The best part of Palazzo Garibaldi is the stunning view. Not of the city but, of the fresco’s on the ceiling.

Le Mule Suite and Rooms – Specchia

Le Mule Suite and Rooms is even further south than the villages we have seen so far. In Specchia: one of Salento’s most beautiful villages, you can enjoy centuries-old buildings and arts. Le Mule has luxurious suites and rooms with beautiful stone features, high ceilings and, in some rooms, even a whirlpool bath. Depending on the season, you can stay here most of the year for less than €100 a night.

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Vittoria Luxury House – Lecce

Vittoria Luxury House can be found in one of Puglia’s most beautiful towns. In the old centre of Lecce, there are loads of beautiful sights, delicious restaurants and also nice hotels that are unfortunately often on the more expensive side. At Vittoria Luxury House, you can stay for less than €150 per night. The rooms are stylishly decorated with traditional and modern elements. Each room has a traditional artwork on the wall that literally and figuratively lights up the room.

Palazzo Presta – Gallipoli

Palazzo Presta is a sea view restort in Gallipoli. The palazzo is converted into a beautiful boutique hotel with stunning rooms and a lot of facilities. Our favourite places are the cocktail bar on the terrace and the completely blue library. The boutique hotel is filled with rich colours and materials you would expect from a luxury hotel.

Masseria Nicola Casavola – Martina Franca

Masseria Nicola Casavola is a charming accommodation located in Italy, known for its traditional architecture and serene environment. It offers guests a unique blend of comfort and history, set amidst beautiful landscapes. The property is ideal for those looking to experience the Italian countryside and its cultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy local cuisine, relax in elegantly furnished rooms, and explore the surrounding nature.

I Bastioni San Domenico hotel – Gallipoli

Il Bastioni San Domenico hotel has perhaps the most beautiful view of all affordable hotels in Puglia. In most rooms, you can open your windows and look out on the ionic sea. Besides having fine rooms and very good service, the hotel also has one of the most popular restaurants in Gallipoli. At Ristorante Il Bastione, fish lovers can enjoy fine dishes with a beautiful view.