Unique souvenirs from Puglia

The end of a vacation means souvenir shopping in Puglia you will encounter a lot of them. Handmade small Trulli, wine or fresh orecchiette (yes this one should be on your list), but sometimes you want something a little more unique. Something that really deserves a place in your interior. We selected the most beautiful Apulian products in the southern Italian style to remind you of your trip. These souvenirs from Puglia are all handmade by local artisans who create out of tradition. And the best part? You don’t have to leave room in your suitcase, because we can simply ship them to your home.

Extra Vergine olive oil

The extra Vergine Olio di Oliva is the result of a careful selection of “Ogliarola and Cellina” olives from the fields in Presicce. The olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed in their own stone mill. They crush the olives into a paste and press them to separate the oil from the pulp. This cold-pressed method gives the best quality olive oil. Adding heat to the olives allows producers to get more oil from the olives, but the heat can damage the antioxidants and so reduce the health benefits.

extra vergine olive oil tre gioie

Linen tea towels

Tea towels are a very good souvenir to remind you of your stay in Puglia. They will look beautiful in your kitchen. Our tea towels are made in an old traditional factory in the south of Puglia. These machines weave very high-quality fabrics and that is what makes these tea towels super long-lasting. Our designs are a mix of traditional and modern styles.

tea towel Tre Gioie

Handmade bread baskets

Our bread baskets are handmade by one of the few women who still practice the art of manual weaving the reed. This art dates back to around 1880 and was very important at that time. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of women left who dedicate themselves to this art. This is a very important part of Apulian history and that makes it the perfect meaningful souvenir.

bread baskets handmade puglia Tre Gioie

Table linen

Our makes create our table linen in the same factory as the tea towels. Sitting around at the table in your home with the table linen from Puglia is a very good way to remember your vacation. The table linen that is made at our factory is also used by local Apulian families because the quality is so good.