A guide to Ostuni: where to eat, shop and stay

Planning a trip to Puglia? You should put Ostuni on your must-visit list! This beautiful city has it all: very good restaurants, a beautiful historical centre, Saturday and Sunday markets and so much more. This guide will help you find all these wonderful parts of Ostuni.

You can easily fill a whole day in Ostuni. Starting in the early morning with an espresso when the city is slowly waking up and ending with a passegata in the late evening. The best way to discover the charm of a city in Puglia is by spending the day as the locals would. Don’t go strolling through the city at the warmest part of the day. The stores will be closed and the streets will be empty. Instead, take the time to have a long lunch in the shade.

The evenings are spent by walking trough city, shopping and eating late. When you make a restaurant reservation at 7 you will be most likely the only people in the restaurant. Take your time to eat, meet the people and take it slow. Of course we will tell you where to eat, drink and sleep but first, we will show you what to do in Ostuni.

What to see in Ostuni

Are you ready to wander trough the beautiful Ostuni? Because there is no better way to discover an Apulian city. In centro scotrico there are some beautiful spots that you can’t miss. We will start of at piazza liberta, the most vibrant part of the city. Here you have a lot of restaurants where you can enjoy an apperitivo and feel the atmosphere of the city.

Duomi di Ostuni or Basilica concattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta is also worth visiting. This cathedral was built in 1228 and later rebuilt in the 15th-century. When you have seen the piazza liberta and the cathedral, it is time to wander around the city. The charm of the city are the small streets going up and down throughout the whole city. The white houses with lace curtains will make you fall in love with the city for sure.

Shopping in Ostuni

I wouldn’t say that Ostuni is the perfect place for shopping, but there are some beautiful vintage shops in Ostuni that are worth your time. As we always emphasize, Puglia has a lot of amazing traditional arts. One of them is ceramics. In Grottaglie you can find the best ceramic artist, but in Ostuni you can find a shop with the best vintage ceramic pieces. At La Mercanteria you can find beautiful vintage vases, small and very big, antique plates and other creations. This is my favourite shop in Ostuni.

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At Antichità Arte e Vintage Ceramics Francesco Anglani you can find another selection of vintage and antique ceramics. It is a crowded small shop with some trumpery, but also very beautiful pieces. This shop is for people who really like to go vintage hunting in Ostuni.

If you want to shop luxury brands, Calzature Angelini 1948 has beautiful shoes and accessories from brands like Valentino and Gucci. This shop makes a beautiful selection of high-end designer brands and less-known luxury brands.

The best pastries

In Puglia we have so many delicious pastries. At Bar Pasticceria da Pasquale you can get all your favourite local pastries. This is a perfect place to try out the pasticciotto, sfogiatelle and Baba. This is also the perfect place to start your morning with an espresso and cornetto just like the locals do.

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Markets in Ostuni

On Saturday Ostuni has its weekly market with all kinds of fresh products. The perfect place to get your seafood, olives, vegetables and fresh olive oil. All the products come from local farmers who grow their own vegetables on the land and make their own olive oil. The market starts at 08.00 and ends at around 12.00 at Via Nino Sansone.

On the second Sunday of of the month, Ostuni has a vintage and antique market. On Viale Oronzo Quaranta you can find beautiful antique Apulian pieces like furniture and ceramics. This market is definitely worth visiting.

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Lunch and dinner

Ostuni has a lot of very good places to have lunch or enjoy dinner. I have listed all the best authentic restaurants in Ostuni before in this blog. So if you are looking for some traditional delicious food, check this one out. For this guide I will give you my top 3 restaurants for different occasions.

Trattoria Fave e Fogghje is a very good place for an authentic Apulian dinner. The owners created this beautiful restaurants out of a great passion for their land. the dishes are created with seasonal ingredients that the trattoria gets from local farmers and businesses, the so-called “prodotti a km0”.
How to get there: Vico Antonio Fratti 8, Ostuni

the best restaurants in Ostuni
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Al Solito Posto is the perfect place to go for a long lunch with a bit more of a luxury feel. It has the perfect combination of traditional en modern dishes and very good wines.
How to get there: Via Cesare Braico 37, Ostuni

Osteria del Tempo Perso is where you will get the best authentic food. Their seasonal dishes with local ingredients are the best way to experience Apulian cuisine. Besides the good food, you will also enjoy the best wines from Puglia and Tuscany.
How to get there: Via Gaetano Tanzarella Vitale 47, Ostuni

Where to stay in Ostuni

The historical centre of Ostuni has so much to offer, but outside of the city there is even more beauty to discover. Endless olive fields, beautiful beaches and the most amazing place to stay: masserie. Masserie are traditional farmhouses that have been restored to accommodate guests. At a masseria you will discover the authentic Apulian lifestyle. These are the most beautiful masserie in Ostuni that will make your trip so much better.

Masseria Lamacoppa

Stay at Masseria Lamacoppa and you can combine the best of both worlds: the inspiring city and the quiet atmosphere of the land. The masseria has 120 acres of ancient olive groves, lemon groves, and orchards, a large swimming pool and the best organic meals you will ever have. The perfect place to relax and experience the southern Italian lifestyle.

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Masseria Moroseta

Masseria Moroseta is one of the most famous masserie and that is for a reason. The place has a stylish contemporary and elegant design that is influenced by the Masserie of the past. Masseria Moroseta is all about the simple beauties of life and that is something you will experience during your stay for sure.

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Masseria Grieco

The façade of the two-storey Masseria Grieco with a grand entrance staircase welcomes its guests into a regal atmosphere. In addition to the original services of the facility, there are also additional details that are specially designed to fully enjoy a stay in the location in every season of the year, such as the stone oven that overlooks the external square and hosts moments of taste and fun.

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Catarina’s has a beautiful apartment and multiple suites in a Mediterranean style. The rooms are designed to immediately make you feel at home. The beautiful interior, amazing showers and comfy beds will do just that. You can even choose between an Italian or American breakfast.

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