Beautiful luxury hotels in Puglia

A visit to Puglia does not feel the same without the right place to stay. A beautiful place to come back to after discovering the historical cities, the blue waters and the amazing food, is a must. Already dreaming of a swimming pool, Spa and the most important thing: a really good authentic kitchen? these are the best luxury hotels in Puglia. We are sure that they will make your stay even more perfect.

Masseria Torre Maizza

Masseria Torre Maizza is a beautiful large masseria near Fasano. This is the place to stay if you want to experience true luxury. The masseria offers a golf course, a hidden swimming pool and even a private beach club that you are taken to by a shuttle bus from the hotel. While you probably want to explore all the beauty of Puglia, you can even stay on the hotel’s property for a week and have a great time because of Torre Maizza’s great facilities.

Convento di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli

The interior of Convento di Santa Maria di Costantinopoli is nothing like to traditional Masserie and hotels you have seen in Puglia before. ll Convento was a 15th-century Franciscan monastery, a complete ruin when the late Lord Alistair McAlpine and his wife Athena bought the property. They lovingly restored it and furnished it with collections brought back from their distant exotic travels. Every corner of the stunning historical building is filled with art from all over the world. Il Convento has a beautiful swimming pool, great cuisine with delicious creations by chef Pierluigi, a rooftop garden with a yoga room and many more beautiful places to completely unwind.

Palazzo Maresgallo

Palazzo Maresgallo is a beautiful place in the historic centre of Lecce. The palazzo has 12 unique suites based on a work of art. The suites are designed to exude luxury and beauty. Relaxing comes naturally in these special rooms, but if you are looking for the real ‘dolce far niente’ feeling, you can indulge yourself in the secret garden. Relax by the pool and surround yourself with old citrus trees. Palazzo Maresgallo is a beautiful place to come home after a day of exploring the beauty of Lecce.

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Paragon 700

Paragon 700 is one of the best luxury hotels in Puglia. The stunning building dates back to the 18th century. The 11 suites are eclectic and historical. The combination of the frescos on the wall and the modern art gives a fresh feeling of luxury. The hotel has a swimming pool and a Spa. There is a lot to experience on the property, but if you want to go outside and discover the land and the culture of Puglia, the hotel is happy to helo. The staff can organise cooking classes, wine tastings, yoga, pilates, bike and Ape car tours or a cruise on the hotel’s yacht. Paragon 700 is located in Ostuni, a beautiful place with very good restaurants and a special vintage market on Sundays.

Palazzo Penelope

Palazzo Penelope is located in Polignano a Mare, a beautiful place with the most stunning backyard. The ancient building is located on the cliffs with spectacular sea views facing the famous Grotta Palazzese of Polignano a Mare. The house is perfect for a large family or a group of friends because it has 4 rooms. Oh and something we should not forget to mention: it has a pool on the rooftop!

Palazzo Daniele

Palazzo Daniele is a must-visit. It has a traditional and a modern feeling at the same time. Every room takes your breath away. The Palazzo is located in Gagliano Del Capo, Salento in the south of Puglia. This is the most authentic and beautiful part of Puglia if you ask us. What is better than coming home to this beautiful traditional place after a long day of discovering Salento?

Castello di Ugento

This luxury boutique hotel has nine stunning rooms for you to discover. The hotel is described as “not just a hotel, it is a home where you will be welcomed and be able to take part in the history it once witnessed and the new life it now breathes.”

Masseria Calderisi

Calderisi is a stunning large Masseria near Fasano. This luxury hotel has 24 beautiful rooms that have been taken care of down to the last detail. The Masseria’s large estate means it never feels too crowded and there are plenty of places to enjoy the silence. The atmosphere at Masseria Calderisi is joyful and puts you in a summer mood the minute you step foot on the property.