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The tableware of Tre Gioie is made by hand in Puglia and designed to bring the southern Italian lifestyle to your place.

Around 1880 the women from Acquarica del Capo started with the art of weaving by hand to make baskets for everyday use. In critical periods these products were a valuable medium of exchange and were traded in exchange for food. The practicality of these objects led them to be requested not only among the village markets of Salento. But also beyond and the popularity grew. Unfortunately at this time, there are not a lot of people left who dedicate themselves to the art of manual weaving.

That is why we find it important to give a stage to this valuable part of Italian history. We found one of the few women who still practice this art and she made a few bags and baskets for us, all by hand. She puts a lot of time, effort, and even more love into creating these handmade straw bags, so we hope you feel that.

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Showing all 2 results