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Beautiful beaches in Puglia

Puglia really has everything. Amazing food, stunning olive fields, inspiring cities and one of our favourite things: a dreamy coast. We will show you where to find these beautiful beaches in Puglia. You can start looking forward to laying your towel on the white sand or placing your feet on the edge of the rocks for a refreshing dive. The coast of Puglia is ready to be admired.

Tricase Porto

Tricase Porto is located in the south of Puglia at the Adriatic Sea. This is really a place where the locals like to come and therefore also a place where you will not encounter many tourists. After swimming you can have a delicious lunch at a hidden beach bar with the most delicious frise. For dinner you can’t really miss this amazing fish restaurant.

Porto Miggiano beach

This is a dream place. Porto Miggiano beach is a beautiful bay with white sand, a great blue sea and surrounded by rocks. it is located at Santa Cesarea Terme, below Otranto. This place is really a must-visit.

Polignano al Mare

Polignano al Mare is a well-known place, but no less beautiful. It is an impressive beach near Bari with the white sand and blue sea of your Summer dreams. We are usually not into tourist places, but you have to see this one.

Bagno Marino d’acqua

Bagno Marino d’acqua is a characteristic spot in Santa Cesarea Terme. At this beach club between the rocks, you can rent a bed and an umbrella to spend your day by the clear blue water. It’s a beautiful, but small place, so expect crowds in August

Baia del Mulino d’acqua

Another hidden spot that’s made public: Baia del Mulino d’acqua. This is a special place with several caves that you can swim to from the beach. The caves are formed like a private pool with a small peek to the blue sky. A super special experience.

Marina di Marittima

This place sort of looks like a private beach. It has beautiful sand, blue waters and rocky surroundings. But our favourite part is the small white boathouses. Picture yourself leaning against the boat house after an amazing dive in the cold water. Feeling all the feels?

Ponte Ciolo

It’s difficult to make this hidden place public, but everyone should at least have one afternoon at this beautiful beach. Follow the long steps down and you will enter the bay with the most beautiful shimmering water you have ever seen. Surround yourself with locals jumping off the rocks and snorkelers swimming between the rocks through the open water. This place is magical.

Grotta della Poesia

this is the place to go if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Not a relaxed day with your feet in the sand, but jumping off the rocks it is. You jump from a 3 to 4-meter-high rock into the fresh blue water. A holiday in Puglia requires some cliff jumping and this is the perfect place to do just that.

Mora Mora beach

Mora Mora Beach is a strip of private beach overlooking the Adriatic sea. This is a perfect place for a relaxed day on a sunbed with a cocktail in your hand. After a long day in the sun, you can get around the table for dinner with the sea view at the Mora Mora beach club.

Marina di Pescoluse

When all you need is a relaxed day on a sunbed with a beautiful blue sea, Marina di Pescoluse is the place to be. This beautiful beach with a light blue sea is also called the Maldives of Puglia. I think that says it all. When you want to have a small something to eat I would recommend Lidò Bambu for lunch and cocktails. The food and the drinks are perfect there and the people are even better. (this is not some shameless promotion for the beach club of my nephew… Or is it…?)