Beautiful beaches in Puglia

Puglia has everything. Amazing food, stunning olive fields, inspiring cities and one of our favourite things: a dreamy coast. Both the west and east coasts of Puglia have beautiful beaches. If you like fine sandy beaches with nice beach clubs you are going to enjoy the west coast the most. For adventurous beaches with unusual rocks and caves, you should be on the east coast. We will show you where to find all these beautiful beaches, both sandy and rocky spots. You can start looking forward to laying your towel on the white sand or placing your feet on the edge of the rocks for a refreshing dive. The coast of Puglia is ready to be admired.

Torre Sant’Andrea, Melendugno

Torre Sant’Andrea, located between Lecce and Otranto, is one of Salento’s most beautiful natural wonders. The unique rock formations have been sculpted by the wind and sea over millennia. But besides the stunning cliffs, this beach also has clear turquoise waters and a lot of greenery. The beach is named after the ancient watchtower, Torre Sant’Andrea, which stands guard over the area. Visitors to Torre Sant’Andrea are greeted by a breathtaking panorama of the Adriatic Sea, making it an ideal spot for swimming, snorkelling, and sunbathing on the rocky outcrops.

Lama Monachile, Polognano a Mare

Lama Monachile, also known as the “Grotta Palazzese,” is a scenic cove in Polignano a Mare, renowned for its limestone cliffs and clear turquoise waters. The picturesque setting makes this beach one of the most favored attractions for visitors. However, due to its popularity, the area can become very crowded, particularly during the summer months.

Beach Tricase Porto, Tricase

Tricase Porto is located in the south of Puglia at the Adriatic Sea. This a place where the locals like to go and therefore also a place where you will not encounter many tourists. A real insider tip: when you walk to the end of the beach, you will see a small passage in the rocks to the left. Behind this lies a “secret” rocky beach with a kiosk that serves the tastiest frise.

Photo’s Slice of Lucas

Porto Miggiano beach, Santa Cesarea Terme

On the coast of Santa Cesarea Terme lies a very popular, almost magical bay. The Porto Miggiano beach is located on a very particular u-shaped rock overlooking the sea and surrounded by incredible white cliffs. As with most special beaches in Salento, getting there is not very easy and requires a bit of climbing, but the beautiful clear water, white sand and the magical view are totally worth it. This place is really a must-visit.

Photo’s Andrea Di Taranto

Baia dei Turchi, Otranto

Baia dei Turchi, renowned for its pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters, is a secluded paradise along the Adriatic coast. Part of the Otranto coast, this beach is accessible through a fragrant pine forest, adding an element of mystery and adventure to its approach. A testament to the area’s rich history, its name, “Bay of the Turks,” harks back to the 16th century when Turkish invaders landed on its shores. Today, it stands as a protected natural oasis, offering a tranquil escape for those seeking to immerse themselves in unspoiled natural beauty and tranquillity.

Baia del Mulino D’Acqua, Otranto

Another hidden spot that’s made public: Baia del Mulino D’Acqua. This is a special place with several caves that you can swim to from the beach. The caves are formed like a private pool with a small peek into the blue sky. Opinions on safety are divided, but the beach is still frequently visited by locals, so with a little caution, you can enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Photo’s Francesco Giannotta and Martinakta

Bagno Marino Archi, Santa Cesarea Terme

Bagno Marino Archi stands out as a unique destination in Santa Cesarea Terme, offering visitors a distinctive beach club experience nestled among the rocks. Here, guests have the opportunity to rent a sunbed and umbrella, creating the perfect setup for a day spent beside the crystal-clear blue waters. While it boasts breathtaking beauty, it’s important to note that the space is somewhat limited. As such, it tends to draw large crowds, especially during the peak month of August, making it advisable to plan your visit accordingly for the best experience.

Photo Filippo Versienti

Marina di Marittima, Diso

Acquaviva di Marittima offers an adventurous beach experience, but with added conveniences. Access is straightforward thanks to built stairs, ensuring a hassle-free descent to the shore. Ample parking is available, along with a cozy bar and a shower facility for comfort. The bay, known for its crystal-blue waters, remains a delightful visit even in the peak season, particularly if you arrive early in the day. However, the highlight for many is the charming white boathouses. Imagine the joy of leaning against one of these boathouses, basking in the satisfaction of a refreshing dive into the cool waters.

Photo’s Anaishnn

Castro Marina beach, Castro

The coastline of Castro Marina beach has a beautiful rocky coastline, but for the not-so-adventurous rock jumpers, fortunately there is also a stretch of rock-free beach where you can walk into the water. Besides swimming in the crystal-clear water, you can also go supping and kayaking here. Castro Marina is a cheerful coastal town where you will be surrounded by locals. Want to discover more beaches in one day? Castro Marina lies between two beautiful beaches. Slightly to the north you will find Santa Cesarea Terme and the stunning beach Marina di Marittima is a five minute drive south.

Photo’s Andrea Di Taranto

Ponte Ciolo, Gagliano del Capo

For the last beach, we drive to the southernmost tip of Salento. The drive to this beach is already a special experience in itself, due to the high rocks on one side and the blue water on the other. Follow the long steps down and you will enter the bay with the most beautiful shimmering water you have ever seen. Surround yourself with locals jumping off the rocks and snorkelers swimming between the rocks through the open water. This place is truly enchanting. However, it’s important to note that the road leading to this beach is currently closed.

Mora Mora beach, Melendugno

Mora Mora Beach is a strip of private beach overlooking the Adriatic sea. With the clear water and white sandy beaches it almost feels like you’re on a tropical island. This is a perfect place for a relaxed day on a sunbed with a cocktail in your hand. After a long day in the sun, you can get around the table for dinner with the sea view at the Mora Mora beach club.

Marina di Pescoluse, Pescoluse

When all you need is a relaxed day on a sunbed with a beautiful blue sea, Marina di Pescoluse is the place to be. This beautiful beach with a light blue sea is also called the Maldives of Puglia. I think that says it all. When you want to have something to eat I would recommend Lido Bambù, for lunch and cocktails. The food and the drinks are perfect and affordable there and the people are really nice.