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Tre Gioie launches a handmade bag collection from Puglia made by one of the few women who still practice the traditional art of manual weaving. This art form is an important part of Apulian history and dates back to 1880. Now there are not a lot of women left who dedicate themselves to this art. By launching a collection of unique handmade bags, Tre Gioie strives to prevent it from disappearance.


Special creations from Puglia

The story

An ode to female Apulian craftsmanship


Where it all started

Let every small moment be a moment of joy, 
just like the Italians have been doing for centuries.
Our creators

The products of Tre Gioie are all made by local makers from Puglia who are masters at their art and make very high-quality products that last a lifetime. They’ve been doing that for decades. Unfortunately, these arts are less appreciated because we are investing more in mass production. That is why some of these industries are on the verge of extinction. We find it important to keep these these industries going because when we do not invest in local makers anymore we will lose creativity and tradition. 

tre gioie giunco

Tre Gioie was created out of a strong desire to experience the southern Italian culture at home, the Italian slow living in which the focus lies on enjoying the moment. The people of Italy are masters at this because they do not know another way to live their life. The slow movement started when the Italian activist Carlo Petrini protested against the arrival of fast food chains in Rome. His slogan was: ‘we don’t want fast food, we want slow food’. They put their words into action by handing out free bowls of freshly made Penne Pasta to the citizens of Rome who were passing by.

The protest of Carlo gave voice to the way Italians have been looking at their food and culture for centuries. The slow food movement celebrates local culinary traditions and food, promotes small, organic farming and encourages people to buy ethically, locally and practice slow eating while enjoying the company of others. 

This Italian attitude about life focusses on pure living. There are no big secrets behind this lifestyle. It is simply about enjoying every little moment in life. The times that people come together to share meals are the most valuable. Everyone comes together in the kitchen where you have spent the afternoon creating wonderful dishes for your loved ones and then finally you all gather around the table to enjoy them and share the stories that the day has brought. This way of life and the attention to quality, detail and passion is what we are trying to bring into your home with Tre Gioie, one product at the time. 

We have to invest in local makers, because if we don't 
we lose creativity and tradition.
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