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The best masseria in Puglia: experience the slow southern lifestyle

You have to promise us one thing. When you go to Puglia stay in a Masseria. Masserie are traditional farmhouses often from the 16th or 17th century, that have been restored to accommodate guests. At a Masseria you will discover the real traditional southern Italian lifestyle and you will be treated like family. You experience the most beautiful things of daily life in Puglia which mainly consist of fresh homemade dinners using products from the farm: the definition of slow food. This experience is a must for your trip to Puglia. That is why we are happy to share our favourite Masserie with you.


Masseria Borgo San Marco

Photo: Valentina Barabuffi

At Borgo san Marco you will find a piece of history. This masseria even has frescoes on the ceiling. The masseria has a beautiful interior that respects the Apulian traditions and emphasizes its beauty. The place to go if you want to experience the real masseria lifestyle in Puglia. Borgo san Marco has 18 suites in different styles, a pool, an elegant Mediterranean garden, a citrus grove among ancient pillars, a little church with frescoes dating back to the XVIII century, a terrace where you could sip local, fresh and home-made drinks, a coffee-reading room in the ancient oil-mill with the stone oil press and a traditional restaurant with excellent, refined yet rustic food. The masseria is located between Fasano and Ostuni. The perfect place to enjoy the sea and discover popular cities.

“As you walk the lovely Borgo San Marco courtyards, you will see how the village’s pastel colours dazzle and sparkle recanting a love story of the famous Amati family of the 18th century who cherished the Masseria generation after generation. With their passion and dedication, the Amatis have made the Masseria in Fasano a truly unique lifestyle.”

Masseria Schiuma

Photo: Masseria Schuima

Masseria Schiuma got its name from the sea, more specifically, the foam of the sea. Masseria Schiuma (foam) is located next to the sea in a natural environment with the best that nature has to offer.

The Masseria has mixed modern elements with the tradition of how the Masseria once was: “The farm was restored a few years ago, with its new proprietors blending their own unique aesthetic with its original character. The result is a homage to craftsmanship, Danish design and collected ephemera. There are six double rooms, two of which are large enough to accommodate three people. Each room has its own bath and toilet. The double beds are large and comfortable, and the bigger rooms have extra good single beds.”

The Masseria is rented out for a minimum of seven days and is in that way different from a B&B or hotel. Masseria Schuima also offers Yoga retreats for the perfect relaxing break. If you want to discover the north of Puglia, this masseria in Bari is the perfect place to come back to after a day of wandering and discovering.

Masseria Palaci

If you want to experience the south of Puglia, Palaci is the place to be. The masseria is located in Salve in the raw and beautiful most southern part of Puglia (our favourite place). It is just a few minutes drive away are the so-called “Maldives” beaches of Pescoluse and is surrounded bij a lot of beautiful old villages. Masseria Palaci is a large luxuriously restored 17th-century fortified  Masseria. It can accommodate 12 guests and has a lot of amazing features like a 25m-long pool. Experience real luxury with a private cook, Organic vegetable garden, a Wood-burning pizza oven, yoga studio, a roof terrace to watch the stars and more.

“Once a fortified agricultural stronghold designed to keep unwanted visitors out, Palaci is now a luxurious 21st-century home that welcomes guests with a warm embrace. The property’s original architectural elements remain in pride of place, providing an atmospheric canvas onto which contemporary furniture, fittings, lights and artwork have been discreetly superimposed. Pale, creamy walls, which have been painted with a subtle rustic effect, run throughout, flowing organically into similarly soft-hued floors, and sandy tuff stone barrel-vaulted ceilings. The overall effect is one of harmony, airiness and tranquillity.”

Galeta Masseria

Galeta Masseria is located in Nardò: a beautiful place in Puglia and a must-visit if you ask us. And while you’re there, it’s not a bad idea to start and end the day at this beautiful masseria. You will fall in love with the design, the hospitality and the building itself.

“The farm has always been inhabited and the primary activity is cattle and goat breeding. We wanted to diversify this activity by reorganizing the spaces to be able to finally make hospitality a representation of authenticity, of truth: what most reflects our history and our way of subtending beauty. We intend to propose the luxury of authentic hospitality in a productive agricultural context consistent with the nature of the place; in this way we would like to reinterpret the idea of conscious and therefore sustainable tourism.”

Masseria Pezza

Photo: Minorosato

If you haven’t noticed yet: we love raw and pure places. Masseria Pezza is just that. The exterior seems untouched and the fields surrounding the masseria are wide and empty, so you can fully enjoy the sunrise and sunset. The design is clean and simple so you can fully relax and clear your head.

“We wanted to preserve the essence of our Masseria, an eighteenth-century structure, and protect with simplicity the indissoluble bond to the surrounding area, seductive and austere at the same time. Masseria Pezza is a special place for us. Our wish for your stay is that it becomes one for you too.”

Masseria Potenti

Photo: Masseria Potenti

Masseria Potenti is a perfect place to experience the southern Italian lifestyle that we love so much. From the fig trees to the tomatoes drying in the sun and the homemade pasta: all ingredients for a perfect stay. The masseria is a family-owned estate that used to belong to the rich and powerful family of the Imperiali. In the rooms and the suits, you will find the real Apulian style that gives you a lot of inspiration.

A day at Masseria Potenti is how you would like to spend every day. Delicious breakfast and lunch with vegetables and fruit from the own garden. During the moments between meals, you can enjoy the tranquillity at the masseria or take a trip to the sea. The evening starts with a delicious freshly made dinner with local products and concludes with the pizzica, a traditional dance that really makes you feel like you’ve come to the perfect place.

Masseria Lamacoppa

At Masseria Lamacoppa you get the best of both worlds: the quiet atmosphere of the land and the inspiring city. This beautiful place is close to the city centre of Ostuni: one of the most popular city’s of Puglia. Lamacoppa is perfect for big families or a group of friends. If you have a thing with pools, this masseria is made for you. They have the most stunning large pool and we guess you will never want to get out of it. The guests can also enjoy an organic vegetable garden, a traditional pizza oven, a chef and a gym. Everything you need for the perfect relaxed stay.

“The homestead sits at the heart of 120 acres of ancient olive groves, lemon groves, and orchards. Meals are prepared with organic produce fresh from our vegetable garden and fruit trees. The property includes several shady terraces, an indigenous flower garden, and an expansive pool, which connects to a large jacuzzi. The adjacent pool house is equipped with a full kitchen, alfresco dining area, gym, hammam, changing rooms, and shower area.”

Masseria Moroseta

Photo: Salva López

If you have been thinking about going on a trip to Puglia before, you have probably spotted Moroseta before. Moroseta is a super stylish Masseria in Ostuni with a contemporary and elegant design that is influenced by the Masserie of the past. The beautiful pool, olive grove and vegetable garden are all about the simple beauties of life. If you want to be inspired, this is the place to be. This beautiful place fills up quickly, so if you can get a reservation you are definitely one of the lucky ones.

“Crossing the country roads, surrounded by spectacular olive trees, you will reach Masseria Moroseta, the white stone farmhouse that stands proudly on the ridge, overlooking the sea and Ostuni. Masseria is an enclave of relaxation and rural simplicity. Masseria Moroseta has all the tradition of the forms and spaces of the most typical farms of Apulia: the blinding white, the sheltered courtyards, the arches, the cement, the stone. All this is combined with respect and love for the environment, thanks to the energy of the sun and modern green building techniques used.

Masseria Marzalossa

At Masseria Maralossa they make sure that your stay is worth it. Swimming, relaxing by the pool, a massage under the olive trees, taking a ride on a bicycle or on horseback or taking cooking classes. Everything is possible. At this Masseria you can experience the Apulian lifestyle in one of the traditional rooms or you can go glamping. Enjoy nature and experience luxury at the same time.

“Marzalossa is an ancient historic residence in the heart of Puglia, in Fasano, dating back to the seventeenth century and belonging to the Guarini family who lives there and still manages it today. Restored with great attention to detail, the Masseria is a unique place to relax and unwind in unspoiled nature among centuries-old olive trees and ancient stone walls.”

Masseria Francescani

Francescani is a masseria from the sixteenth century. It is composed of nine suites and has a beautiful and simple design with a surprising element here and there. It’s their mission to take care of the wellness of their guests. With a relaxing pool, small corners for meditation and beautiful private terraces, wellness is something that comes easily.

Masseria Spina

Masseria Spina just takes your breath away. The farm is located in Monopoli: one of the most popular cities of Puglia. The pink walls and ancient architectural elements of this building give a special impression of the history of Puglia. If you are a history and food lover, this place is made for you. They host pasta, olive oil, wine and other food tours to experience the Apulian kitchen like a local would.

“Each residence tells something: an episode, a journey, an emotion, which blends with the details of the period furniture, chosen with taste and tradition and those architectural details, such as glimpses of centuries-old olive groves and the blue of the sea through a window, which make our Resort the place to experience our region in all its magic.”

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