Li Panari bianco e rosso table runner



Tre Gioie runners are handmade and locally produced in the south of Italy under the right working conditions, just like all the other Tre Gioie products. Tre Gioie believes that mass production is outdated. That is why the runners are produced in small quantities, which is what makes the product so unique. 

The runners are made of cotton and linen and of very good and heavy quality. If you want to enjoy your product optimally, we recommend that you leave the runner in cold/lukewarm water overnight. When the product has dried, you can wash it without shrinking it. You can wash the runner up to 60 degrees, but we would advise you not to, because of the bad effect it has on the environment. It is best to let the runner air dry.

You can match this runner with our Li Panari napkins in the same colour.

We can guarantee you that you will enjoy the diner with your family and friends a little bit extra because of our products.