Fiori marrone tea towel



Tre Gioie tea towels are handmade and locally produced in the south of Italy under the right working conditions, just like all the other Tre Gioie products. Tre Gioie believes that mass production is outdated. That is why the tea towels are produced in small quantities, which is what makes the product so unique.

Find your 100% cotton tea towels to fall in love with. Enjoy them hanging in your kitchen and make washing the dishes a moment to enjoy. In Italy, they even use the tea towel to dry their hands. If you do, enjoy the great quality when you let your hands glide over the fabric.

In other countries people prefer a more soft fabric to dry their hards, that is why we asked our manufacturer to also make small towels to dry your hands with. Check them out and pair them with matching tea towels.

If you want to enjoy your product optimally, we recommend that you leave the tea towels in cold/lukewarm water overnight. When the towels have dried, you can wash them without shrinking the product. You can wash the towels up to 60 degrees, but we would advise you to only do it to wash out hard stains, because of the bad effect it has on the environment. It is best to let the towels air dry.