Borsa Victoria



Borsa Victoria is a handmade bag from Puglia. She is 42 cm wide, 44 cm high including her handles and 16 cm deep. Dimensions may differ a few centimetres because it is a handmade product. The bag comes with a dust bag to store it and to use as an extra sack in your bag.


Around 1880 the women in Salento started with the art of weaving a special kind of reed by hand to make baskets for everyday use to contain olives and cheese. In critical periods these products were a valuable medium of exchange. Unfortunately, around 100 years later the interest in woven reeds declined because of the advent of plastic. At this time there are not a lot of women left who dedicate themselves to the art of manual weaving and the sector is on the verge of disappearance.

Luckily we found one of the few women who still practice the art of manual weaving the reed and we created a collection of bags and baskets. With this collection, we want to invest in this art and give a stage to the women who created this valuable part of Apulian history. That is why all the styles in our collection are named after Italian women. By buying their creation you support the tradition and help us rebuild the industry. That is how we maintain Apulian craftmanship.

This collection will consist of small drops because we respect our makers and nature. It takes a few days to create a bag, so we want to give our makers enough time to create. The size of the collection also depends on how many reed there is each year. Sometimes we have a smaller harvest and then we adapt to that. The items in the collection can change every drop. We try to repeat the popular styles, but also let our makers create what they feel like making.

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